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Divi Footer Plugin Guide
7 Lessons
16m read.

Everything you need to know about Divi Footers.

If you are having trouble with the Divi Footer, this documentation will help you.
The Divi Footer is a typical WordPress footer. It uses a widget area for displaying content. It does not use the Divi Builder by default, so it can be challenging to understand for the novice.

In this course, we cover how to edit your default footer and our own Divi Footer Plugin, which can give you the power of the Divi Builder in your Footer.

We answer common questions:

  • How to remove the Elegant Themes Link in your Divi Footer
  • How to Add Social Media Icons
  • How to Add widgets to your Divi Footer

The second part of this documentation covers our Divi Footer Plugin.

The Divi Footer Plugin can be used to add Divi Theme Library Items as a Footer to all pages or some pages based on post types.

Finally, we review Advanced code and layouts.

Advanced Divi Footer fixes and issues that can arise with a Divi Footer Injector, are covered. We also point you to code techniques to further enhance your Divi Footer.

This extensive documentation is your guide to all matters with your Divi Footer.

In this guide, we cover the following: