FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Introduction Many sites have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page. But, what is an FAQ page? This is a page on a website that gives quick answers to customers’ most common questions. As such, an FAQ can help reduce support queries and will also help your users. A common approach is to have a large...

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SEO For Business

The SEO for Business course is derived from a talk that I did at the 2019 WordCamp in Singapore. Based on the feedback received, we turned it into an online guide to help people understand SEO and what it can do for your business. Who is this guide for? The course is for anybody seeking to...

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WP Engine for WordPress Administrators

Introduction WP Engine is our WordPress hosting choice at MRK WP. In this guide, you will learn how to use the various features and tools WP Engine offers. In addition, we guide you on how to set up and maintain sites as a WordPress website administrator. You can learn how to troubleshoot websites and run...

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Gravity Forms Styler for Divi Builder

Using Gravity Forms and the Divi Theme together I’ve been a big fan of Gravity Forms for years. The Gravity Forms styler has a complete feature set and integrations list that is comprehensive and complete. However, Integration with Divi has not been that great. Now from Divi Framework, we have a complete toolkit for using Gravity Forms with...

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Footer Plugin for Divi

Everything you need to know about Divi Footers. If you are having trouble with the Divi Footer, this documentation will help you.The Divi Footer is a typical WordPress footer. It uses a widget area for displaying content. It does not use the Divi Builder by default, so it can be challenging to understand for the...

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