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Many sites have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page. But, what is an FAQ page?

This is a page on a website that gives quick answers to customers’ most common questions. As such, an FAQ can help reduce support queries and will also help your users.

A common approach is to have a large list on a dedicated page. This is both good and bad as sometimes you may need to use a question on another web page.

In this tutorial, you will learn about our FAQ plugin. You will also understand how to make an awesome FAQ database for your website using the Plugin.

With the FAQ Plugin from MRK WP, we use a custom post type, with a Divi Module and Categories to handle each question.

We also support short code and Gutenberg implementations. This means you can show the right answers in the right place or even the same FAQ item on more than one page. FAQ changes on one page can impact other pages.

The Divi FAQ plugin from MRK WP helps you get amazing results for your website. It also includes structured data to assist with getting these great results.

Every time someone does a google search, they are asking a question. So, answering questions on your site is a good idea.

Position your website to answer those questions with our plugin.

This tutorial will enable you to:

  • Use the FAQ Plugin and Divi Module.
  • Use FAQ Categories.
  • Check your Structured FAQ Data with Google.
  • Apply styling and layouts to your FAQ for more style control.
  • Understand FAQ and SEO that little bit better.
  • Use Gutenberg or Classic Editor with the plugin.

In this guide, we cover the following: