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FAQ Structured Data

FAQ is a common functionality across websites. FAQs talk about a subject, product, or company.

Businesses convert asked queries into a FAQ. This helps in reducing the workload on your support team as well as helping on page conversions. The more questions you answer, the more informative your website becomes.

Watch this video guide on how to check your FAQ structured data.

How is the FAQ Presented?

The standard FAQ uses HTML markup on your website. In this state, it makes it hard for Google to complete its goal. When choosing an FAQ plugin make sure it uses JSON-LD for the FAQ data.

The Google Mission

Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it accessible for all.

It’s impossible for a search engine to know that the HTML content is a FAQ. What you need to do is make your website talk to Google.

Using an FAQ Plugin for WordPress does this with Structured Data.

FAQ Structured Data

Google looks for structured data in your webpage to help it understand your content. Using structured data enables your website to talk to Google. This specialised data means that Google understands what you’re saying and who it will help.

Our FAQ plugin has Structured data included.

Testing your Structured Data

To make sure Google understands your structure data, you need to test it. The structured data testing tool by Google performs this function.

To complete a structure data test:

Place your FAQ specific block or module on the page.

In our video example we are using the Yoast FAQ Block.

Grab the URL of that page and go to the structure data testing tool (link below)

Paste in your URL to the fetch URL area. Click the “Run Test” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions on Structure Data for FAQ Pages.

How do I add FAQ Structured Data to my pages?

The easy way to do this is with a WordPress website and a plugin.
Yoast SEO has an FAQ block that can be used. If you are using a page builder like Divi or Elementor you will need to check there specific instructions.

Does FAQ structured data improve my SEO Results?

In most cases Yes. The intent for a large number of searches is to get answers to questions. Display the answers to page related information will always help you get better results.

Can I have the same FAQs on multiple pages?

It is against Google Guidelines to have the same FAQ structured data on different pages. Be careful when duplicating a specific FAQ. Sometimes, especially in e-commerce setups it is a good idea to duplicate some FAQ data on multiple product pages.

How long does it take for Google to update my search results?

If you have validated your page and search console has a regular crawl of your site, you should see updates within 4 weeks.