Gravity Forms Styler for Divi

The Gravity Forms Styler plugin for Divi lets you take your forms to the next level with Visual Builder support and better design control.

Gravity forms for Divi Plugin

The Ultimate Gravity Forms Styling Tool

Looking to style your Gravity Forms with the Divi Builder front end editor? The solution is our Gravity Forms Styler plugin for Divi Theme. Join hundreds of other WordPress Developers and improve your customers’ browsing experience.

Upload Preset File
Preset Styles

Allows you to upload or download a preset styles and save loads of time with site creation.

Divi Module
Divi Module

Inject a Gravity Form directly into any page. Add custom styling to specific forms. You can also use the Visual Editor.

Make Beautiful Forms

The Divi Theme from Elegant Themes is a great way to build your website. With our plugin, you can create beautiful forms that match the style of Divi Theme.

Simplify Your Gravity Forms Styling Process with Gravity Forms Styler Plugin!

The Gravity Forms Styler plugin removes the need for custom CSS and makes it easy for you to style your Gravity Forms with Theme Customizer and Divi Builder. With full front end support, you can see your changes as you style your form.

The plugin includes a Divi Module that allows you to insert Gravity Forms on any page. With all of the styling tools you can expect from the Divi Builder. With all these cool features, you’ll be able to create visually stunning forms on your Divi website!

How It Works

Plugin Features

1. Divi Module for Gravity Forms

We created a special Divi Module so you can insert a Gravity Form directly onto your page using the visual page builder. With our Gravity Forms Styler plugin you can also style globally, using the Theme Customizer.

You can also use the visual builder each time your insert a form. The reasoning behind this is that at times you may want to add specific styles to certain forms and not others. A landing page is a good example. You might require a unique design for your form on a landing page.

Gravity Form Front End Module
Select Gravity Forms Divi Module

For a landing page you would normally create a form ID and add code to your Divi child theme to style the form. With our visual builder support you no longer need to do that. Our custom styles can be set within the visual builder which means no custom CSS code is required.

The plugin now includes full front end builder support. We have the same menus as other modules. This makes for quick learning and means the same techniques used elsewhere can be applied to the Gravity Forms Styler plugin for Divi.

1.1 The Content Tab

In the content tab you can edit the default implementation of your Gravity Form. You can select which form you want to embed and its shortcode options. You can also set parameters for your default form, backgrounds and admin labels.

The Content tab for your Gravity Form with Visual Builder Support.
Gravity forms features frontend
1.2 The Design Tab

In this tab we have a range of extensive options. Every label type, button and option that could be styled is available.

The Design tab for your Gravity Form with Visual Builder Support.
The Design tab for your Gravity Form with Visual Builder Support.
1.3 The Advanced Tab

If you are still stuck and need further editing you can make use of the Advanced tab. This tab allows direct adding of CSS for your Gravity Form on each module.

The Advanced tab allows for CSS, transition animations and visibility options.
The Advanced tab allows for CSS, transition animations and visibility options
2. Import & Export Gravity Form Styles

The plugin allows you to Import or Export your Gravity Forms Theme Customizer settings. You can find the Import/Export setting inside the MRK WP Menu -> Gravity Forms Divi menu.

Gravity Forms sub-menu item
Upload or Export Gravity Forms styler settings
Uploading a preset that you use can save lots of time. This is for the Global Theme Customizer.

This helps to replicate style defaults across your websites. Making Gravity Forms both powerful and beautiful too!

Product Pricing

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Product End of Life

After an in depth review of what the Divi Developer Setup is providing we have decided to bring this product to end of life.

Thanks to everyone who supported our product over the 5 + years we delivered product.

If you are looking for a solution we recommend the Gravity Forms Styler Module For Divi inside the Divi Marketplace.

You can get the plugin here.

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How we compare to the competition?

You won’t find another plugin with as many features and functionality at this price. We offer both Theme Customiser Divi Visual Builder support. No other plugin can compare to this one!

5 star review

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Gravity Form Plugin work with Extra Theme?

Yes, the plugin works well with Extra theme by Elegant Themes.

Is there a way I can set global site wide style defaults for Gravity Forms?

There are two ways you can do this. The easy way is to use our Gravity Forms Divi Plugin. Alternatively you will need to edit the code in your child theme, not fun.

Are there any plugin dependencies?

Yes. You will need Gravity Forms and Divi Theme to use this plugin.

Does this plugin come with Gravity Forms?

No. You will need to purchase the Gravity Forms plugin separately.

My button style is not working correctly, what can I do?

If your button style is not working you will need to make sure you are using our Divi Gravity Form Module.
Divi has a range of CSS with important statements. This css can be hard to overwrite. Using our Divi Module for Divi visual builder will fix these issues.

Does Divi need Gravity Forms?

No. Gravity forms is an additional form plugin for WordPress. Divi does have a divi form builder which is great for a contact form.
Gravity Forms is a premium plugin and goes beyond being a simple form tool. It has lots of great integrations with Zapier and other CRM tools.
You can read our article here for more information on why it is our default choice – When to use Gravity forms on your Divi website

Does your Plugin work with Extra Theme from Elegant Themes?

We have not tested it with Extra Theme. If you want Extra Theme support please send us a feature request on the contact page of this site.

Is there a free alternative to your plugin?

The closest we have found is Surbma | Divi & Gravity Forms. It has default styling and no front end builder support.

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