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MRK is a company that offers WordPress development, marketing and consulting services for your digital journey. With over 20 years in web industry we are certified SEO specialists as well!

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Popular WordPress Plugins

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Gravity Forms Plugin

The Gravity Forms Styler plugin for Divi lets you take your forms to the next level with Visual Builder support and better design control.

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FAQ Plugin

What is the best way for you to manage your website’s FAQs? The answer might be as simple as using our plugin! Our FAQ Plugin makes it easy and helps…

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Footer Plugin

This plugin will allow you to use Divi Modules and Library items in your website’s footer. You can also put a custom footer on ALL pages – including WooCommerce ones!

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Website Services

Helping you to improve every aspect of your online business using WordPress and Zoho One.

WordPress Care Plans

WordPress Care Plans

With a Managed Care Plan for your WordPress website, you can rest assured that we’re monitoring daily backups, updates and security to save costs.

WordPress Care Plans
Zoho CRM Consultancy

Zoho Partner

For many years I was a big fan of Zoho, but it had one flaw. Lots of different products and no unified way to subscribe to them. With Zoho One, that is no longer a problem.

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Consulting and Digital Services

Agency Partners

We have worked with over 300 different agencies across the globe. With that experience, we know what it means to have trusted partners.

Agency Partners
WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

We can provide a range of plugin development services. Custom WordPress Plugins or making code to fix a plugin is all within the service offering within MRK WP.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Tutorials and Code Snippets

Code Snippets

Need a quick code snippet or solution to what looks like a common issue? We have code snippets for Blocksy, Stackable, Divi, WordPress and more.

Tutorials & Code Snippets
YouTube Tutorials for WordPress

YouTube Tutorials

We create tutorial videos and how to guides on our YouTube channel. Many of these are specific to WordPress developers in both PHP and JavaScript.

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No matter your type or size business, our mission is to help you succeed online. Our team can help you to achieve better ranking in Google and reach a new audience of customers.