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MRK WP is excited to announce that we have created a video for the Parkes Golf Open. This event will be held in September 2023. The video was created to compliment the Parkes Golf Open website. The video is a fast-paced video promotion for the Parkes Golf Open.

To create the video, we collaborated with local players to gather video assets. We filmed footage of the footage of the beautiful course that has recently been fully renovated.

Video Editing Process

The video was edited using Adobe After Effects to create a high-energy and engaging promotion for the event. Our team used a variety of shots and angles to capture the new course. We added music and sound effects to create a dynamic and exciting video experience.

The video was then uploaded to the Vimeo platform. It is available for viewing by anyone interested in learning more about the Parkes Golf Open. It is also available for download to be shared on other media like Facebook and Youtube.

We hope you enjoy the video and that it helps to promote the Parkes Golf Open. If you are interested in learning more about the event, please visit the Parkes Golf Open website.

Parkes Golf Open 2023 – Video from MRKWP


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