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Parkes Golf Club aimed for a hole-in-one with their online presence with a full website rebuild. Their goals were multifaceted:

  • Modernize and Professionalize: They desired a website with a contemporary aesthetic, distinct from their reliance on social media. This shift aimed to project a professional image and attract new local members, particularly younger demographics.
  • Expand Reach and Attract Visitors: Increasing website traffic was a key objective, encompassing both local and broader audiences.
  • Showcase the Upgraded Course: Highlighting the recently completed 2023 course rebuild was crucial.
  • Promote Upcoming Events: The event calendar was essential inclusion. Now Parkes Golf Club can manage and promote upcoming events directly on their website, minimizing reliance on social media.
  • Streamline Content Management: An easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) was necessary for efficient content updates and website maintenance.
  • Improve User Experience: Refreshing and structuring the content played a vital role. Easy navigation and information access, such as membership details and course information, helps to attract and retaining members and visitors.

The Solution

Our team delivered a solution that addressed each need:

  • Mobile-Optimized Website: With complete mobile responsiveness, the website caters to smartphones and tablets. This ensures a seamless experience regardless of the device used.
  • SEO Optimization: Strategic optimization for search engines increased website visibility in search results. This attracted potential players actively searching for golf courses online, expanding Parkes Golf Club’s reach beyond the local community.
  • Secure and Up-to-Date Website: M R K WP provide ongoing security and maintenance with a WordPress Care Plan. This ensures a reliable online presence and protects user data from hackers.
  • Manageable and Updated Content: The website is built with WordPress CMS and Kadence theme. This allows for easy content management. As a result the admin team at Parkes Golf Club can make content updates to the website.
  • Fast Loading Speeds: The website boasts fast loading speeds, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. A fast website load time is crucial for retaining visitors and encouraging engagement.
Parkes Golf Club screenshots - perspective mockup

Custom Features Drive Engagement:

  • Interactive Course Guide: Featuring drone flyover videos, detailed hole information, and high-quality photos. The course guide allows players to virtually explore the course before their visit.
  • Integrated Event Calendar: The website features an event calendar that allows Parkes Golf Club to manage and promote all their events. This has eliminated dependence on social media. Now all event information is readily available in one central location.

The Results

These combined features create a website that serves as a powerful tool for Parkes Golf Club. By showcasing their modern course, promoting upcoming events, and providing a user-friendly platform, Parkes Golf Club can effectively attract new players and solidify their position as a premier golfing destination.

Parkes Golf Club smart phone mockup

Inspired by Parkes Golf Club’s successful website transformation?

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