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Our long time customer, AEH Group recently approach out team to create a brand-specific website for Gaffney Valtra.

This website is a new branding for the existing machinery group Gaffney Machinery.

The website build has two goals.

  1. Establish a distinct online presence for Valtra, a leading agricultural machinery brand.
  2. Maintain the user-friendly functionality of the established Gaffney Machinery site.

The result is a great website with clear branding partnership for Gaffney and Valtra.

Project Breakdown: A Foundation and a Fresh Look

The project commenced with cloning the Gaffney Machinery website. This provided a solid foundation for the new Valtra website, built with WordPress and Blocksy Theme. Using the same structure ensured a familiar and user-friendly experience for visitors.

Next came the visual transformation. M R K carefully implemented a new website design that made use of Valtra’s branding guidelines. This involved an update to the visual elements of the website including:

  • Logos: The brand identity for the website had to match the Valtra guidelines. To achieve this, we replaced the familiar Gaffney Machinery logo with the streamline Valtra logo. We added the Gaffney Machinery logo into the website’s footer. This makes the relationship clear for those already familiar with Gaffney Machinery.
  • Colour Scheme: To reflect the bold brand of Valtra, we implemented a new colour scheme using the Valtra red and black.
  • Fonts: We opted to continue using Gaffney Machinery’s existing fonts. This decision also helped create a subtle distinction between the Valtra website and the Gaffney Machinery site.
  • Imagery: Our goal was to create a visually engaging experience for potential customers. We replaced the original imagery with high-quality images showcasing Valtra’s tractors. We sourced all images from Valtra’s stock image library. This ensured consistency with Valtra’s brand identity.

Throughout the project, the Valtra brand kit served as our guide. By following it closely, we ensured the website clearly communicated the distinct Valtra brand identity. This meant highlighting all the elements that make Valtra stand out in the agricultural machinery market.

However, we didn’t want to completely alienate visitors familiar with Gaffney Machinery. That’s why we included subtle references to the Gaffney Machinery brand throughout the website. This way, we struck a balance between showcasing Valtra and maintaining a sense of sameness for existing customers.

See a visual comparison of the two home pages below – Gaffney Machinery (left) and the new Gaffney Valtra (right).

Content Integration: Bringing Valtra’s Products to Life

The next step involved integrating new content specifically related to Valtra. This content integration aimed to:

  • Highlight Valtra Products: We created a dedicated product page featuring a comprehensive listing of all Valtra tractors available. To bring the content to life, we added videos and high-quality visuals throughout the page (supplied by Valtra).
  • Inform Potential Buyers: Visitors gain the information they need to choose the right Valtra tractor. Clear calls to action encourage them to contact the dealership for a quote or more information.
  • Showcase Valtra’s Expertise: The content effectively highlights Valtra’s unique features and benefits. Visitors see why Valtra stands out from the competition.

The new content transformed the website into a great resource for exploring Valtra’s agricultural equipment.

Since the website was cloned from the original Gaffney Machinery site, it initially contained content for various brands. To ensure visitors could only find information about Valtra, it was necessary to perform a content refresh. This involved removing all other brand-related content.

We also focused on improving how visitors navigate the website. We streamlined the site structure by removing pages irrelevant to Valtra’s brand. In their place, we created dedicated new pages for Valtra Products, Valtra Technology, and Valtra News & Offers.

This clear organisation makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need quickly.

Results: A Branded and Functional Website

The final result was a fully functional Valtra website for Gaffney Machinery, boasting the following features:

  • Distinct Branding: The website’s design seamlessly reflects Valtra’s distinct brand identity. This creates a unique platform to showcase Valtra’s offerings, separate from the main Gaffney Machinery website.
  • Seamless User Experience: The familiar structure of the Gaffney Machinery website was retained, ensuring user-friendliness.
  • Comprehensive Product Information: The website provides comprehensive information about Valtra products and services. This content helps buyers make informed choices and contact the dealership for a quote.

At M R K, we focus on a mobile-friendly and fast-loading experience for every website we build. This Gaffney Valtra website is no exception. It ensures a smooth browsing experience for users on any device.

The website also included technical configurations, like domain mapping, email delivery and SEO. The domain was properly mapped to the website. We configured the website to send and receive emails effectively. And to give the website the best chance of ranking well in search results, we performed an initial SEO audit.

For peace of mind, the new Valtra website was also seamlessly integrated into Gaffney Machinery’s existing WordPress Care Plan. This ensures ongoing security updates, maintenance, and technical support to keep the website running smoothly and securely.

Conclusion: A Successful Collaboration

This project wasn’t about starting from scratch. We took the existing Gaffney Machinery website, and leveraged its strengths as a foundation. We built upon it, creating a distinct website that proudly showcases the Valtra brand.

The result is a website that’s a win for both visitors and Gaffney Valtra. Visitors can easily navigate and find the product information they need. The content is presented in a visually appealing way that reflects Valtra’s brand identity.

This successful collaboration between brands is a testament to the power of strategic website development. It proves that careful planning and execution can create a strong online presence, in this case for Gaffney Valtra.

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