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A Popular theme and block library for WordPress.
Pricing Model: $219 per year for the full bundle.
The cost of this license is included in our care plans.
We are an affiliate partner for this product.

Kadence Theme and Plugin are lightweight yet full-featured WordPress tools for making fast-loading, accessible websites. Kadence allows you to create attractive, fast-loading, accessible websites.

Kadence theme and plugins homepage.
Kadence theme and plugins homepage.

You can quickly create e-commerce, online courses, and other websites with intelligent global font and colour controls. Kadence theme comes with a plugin that includes a comprehensive library of starter templates that are simple to adjust.

Kadence theme and plugins: Free Vs Pro version

The theme comes in two versions: Kadence free and Kadence Pro version.

The free version is an excellent option for beginners. It caters to those looking for a basic theme with a few customization options.

However, the Kadence Theme Pro version offers several additional features that can be helpful for more experienced users. The Pro version gives room for those who want to create a more unique and visually appealing website.

Here is a comparison of the Free and Pro versions of the Kadence theme.

FeatureKadence FreeKadence Pro
Support1 yearPriority support
Custom FontsNoYes
Conditional headersNoYes
Conditional ElementsNoYes
Ultimate Menu (Icons, Mega, Columns)NoYes
Hooked Elements (Sections & Templates)NoYes
Infinite ScrollNoYes
Colour Palette Switch (Dark Mode)NoYes
Header/Footer ScriptsNoYes
Free Vs Pro versions comparison for Kadence Theme and plugin

As you can see, the Kadence Pro has several additional features that the free version does not have.

The Pro version also comes with priority support. This feature means that you will get help from the Kadence more quickly than if you were using the free version.

MRK WP supports the Kadence theme and its plugin as part of our WordPress Care Plan service. We can build and help maintain your Kadence website.