We opened a new office in Orange NSW!

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Do you need web design or digital marketing services in Orange? MRK WP is a provider of digital marketing services and is now in Orange NSW. We have over 20 years of experience making websites and promoting businesses just like yours.

The Background Story

For many years I have worked from home and had our whole team work remotely. It’s been awesome. However most people like meeting face to face. I like meeting our clients face to face too.

If I want to be able to do that, we need our team to have a physical presence in more locations. As part of this realisation, I decided to start expanding our team with customer service executives around the country.

Where is the new office?

In 2019, as I looked at the plans for my business, I made the decision to open a new office in Orange NSW. The city of Orange is a growing regional centre close to my current home in Parkes NSW. That office is now open!

You can find us in the SWOTO Secure Shared Workspace located at Suite 3, Level 1, 296-298 Summer Street, Orange NSW

New office entry in our Orange NSW Office
The new office entry.

Why did we choose Orange?

Orange is a great location for a number of reasons.

  1. It has a good number of professional businesses in the area.
  2. The surrounding towns mean that within a short 1 hour drive the total population reaches 100,000. If you go 1.5 hours the population increases again to 200,000.
  3. The climate – I like that it is colder. I know that some people don’t like the cold winters in Orange however, for myself, the cooler summers are worth it!
  4. My wife and I have also experienced the hospitality of the town which is exceptional.

What services are we offering?

At MRK WP we are offering our Zoho One partner products and the same Web Development and Digital Marketing we always have offered.

We will also be making the rounds, introducing ourselves and getting lots of Google Street View photos done. If you see our team around, say g’day.

Are you still providing services in Parkes NSW?

We will continue to provide the same great level of service to all our customers – locally, nationally and internationally.

Our company has over 8,000 customers worldwide. We expect our regional office in Orange NSW to help us enhance our ability to service all our customers.

We have ongoing plans for additional offices as we further refine our products and services.

Do you want to talk to someone in Orange about your website?

Reach out to the team by completing our contact form and we will make sure someone gives you a call. Because we have the Orange Office, you can also arrange a meeting to come into the office to discuss your requirements.