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How a Revamped Website Healed Orange Chinese Medicine’s Woes

Dr Chris Booth, the dedicated practitioner behind Orange Chinese Medicine, was facing a chronic (and non-acupuncture-treatable) issue: his WordPress website was a mess. Constant hacks, dwindling local traffic, and an ever-growing Google Ads bill were causing more stress than a blocked meridian.

That’s where MRK WP came in. We diagnosed the problems:

  • Security vulnerabilities: Hackers were treating the site like a pincushion, leaving Chris vulnerable and frustrated.
  • Google Ads black hole: The campaign was draining Chris’s resources without attracting local clients.
  • SEO invisibility: Potential patients couldn’t find Orange Chinese Medicine online, even when searching their neighborhood.

The Solution

We prescribed a complete WordPress website overhaul, focusing on:

  • Mobile-first design: In today’s smartphone world, a site that doesn’t work seamlessly on mobile is like offering herbal remedies without the herbs. Our responsive website design ensures a smooth experience for everyone, everywhere.
  • Local SEO: We optimized the site for local search, making it the go-to online destination for Orange residents seeking acupuncture and TCM services. No more relying on expensive, impersonal ads!
  • Ongoing care and security: Just like regular acupuncture sessions, websites need maintenance. With a WordPress Care Plan, we keep the site secure, updated, and running smoothly, so Chris can focus on his patients.

The Results

The results? Let’s just say the needles haven’t been this effective since the invention of moxibustion:

  • Hack-free haven: No more security scares, just peace of mind for Chris.
  • Local SEO success: Organic traffic has skyrocketed, bringing qualified leads right to Chris’s doorstep.
  • Google Ads? Adios!: Chris can ditch the ads and reinvest those funds into growing his practice.

But it’s not just about numbers. The new website:

  • Showcases Chris’s expertise: A clean, professional website design and informative content build trust and credibility with potential clients.
  • Connects with patients: User-friendly features like appointment booking and clear contact information make it easy for people to get the care they need.
  • Reflects Chris’s passion: The website’s personality and tone match Chris’s dedication to helping people heal naturally.
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Orange Chinese Medicine is thriving, and Chris finally has a website that works as hard as he does. So, if you’re in Orange and seeking acupuncture or TCM services, head straight to the website – your path to wellness starts there.

Ready to start a conversation? Just like Chris at Orange Chinese Medicine, we can transform your website into a powerful tool for growth. Schedule a chat with Matt and see how.

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