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A group of Churches in Orange NSW approached our team to create a series of videos to promote a combined event on Social Media.

Awakening Video Series

Awakening Orange was a community outreach event organised by the Combined Churches in Orange.

The brief for MRK was to create a video series to promote the event. We created a great video opener and style for the event with open and close sections for other videos. The original opener was well received and shared on Facebook.

Watch Awakening Orange’s main promo video.

We then collated a series of videos which were all captured on participating church pastors’ phones. We edited them into the same style to release a full series of videos over the lead up to the main event.

The final product is a professionally produced video series for the event.

These explainers have helped the church community engage with the event and vision.

Guest Speaker Daniel Hagen
Guest Speaker Matty Russell

The End Result

The organisers were exceptionally pleased with the results and said the team at MRK “exceeded their expectations by hundreds of percent”.