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Have you ever wanted to change the sort order of your products on the shop page, but you needed to know how to go about it? Well, this article will guide you on how to get this done.

WooCommerce, by default, has a sort order that applies to shop pages. However, you can change the default sort order to re-arrange products according to your choice.

Sorting products on a page allows you to present your inventory in a structured and logical manner. In addition, this enables customers to navigate your online store easily.

By implementing smart sorting strategies on your shop pages. You can achieve the following;

  • Highlight best-selling items.
  • Showcase new arrivals.
  • Promote discounted products.
  • Tailor the product display to suit specific customer preferences.

Whether you are a WooCommerce beginner or an expert, this quick tip will train you to sort products.

Video Tutorial: How to Sort Products In Woocommerce

Here is a YouTube video on how to change the default sort order for WooCommerce Products.

1. Select Product Page To Sort

The first step is to identify which page whose products you want to sort. 

The products page could be the archive/shop page that lists all products. You can also sort products on a specific category page.

This tutorial will sort products on a category page – “LED Beacon.”

Default sort order for Products on LED Beacon Page
Default sort order on a category page.


LED Beacons is a product category inside WooCommerce. It has a dedicated page that lists all products that fall under it.

2. Log into WP and go to Products.

Log into WordPress. Go to “Products.”

You will see the list of all products inside the WooCommerce inventory.

Product list inside WooCommerce
List of products inside WooCommerce inventory

3. Filter products

We need to apply a filter to return “LED Beacons” products. To do this;

  • Go to the Select Category dropdown.
Select product category dropdown filter
Trigger the category dropdown.
  • Select the “LED Beacons” category.
Select a desired product category from the dropdown.
Select a desired product category.
  • Click the “Filter button.”
Click the Filter button to apply the product list filter.
Click to filter the products.
  • The filter will return a list of products in the “LED Beacons” category.
Product list that belongs to LED Beacon category.
LED Beacon category products.


If you want to sort products on the archive/shop page, you do not need to apply any filters. Proceed to Step 4.

4. Sort Products

Click the “Sorting” button at the top of the products table.

Sorting button to display the sort order.
Click “Sorting” to see the current sorting order.

The sorting process refreshes the product list. Then, it arranges the products in a similar sorting order we saw on the frontend category page.

Comparison of the current sort order inside WooCommerce and the Category Page.
Comparison of the current sort order inside WooCommerce and the Category Page.

Hover over the list of products. You will notice that you can now drag a product from one position to another. Sort the products based on your desired order.

Drag the product to sort the order.
Drag the product to sort the order.

5. Clear Cache and Test the Page

After the sorting process, clear the cache and test the product page. The products should appear in the sorting order we have applied in the previous step.

New product sort order after re-arrangement.
New sort order.

That’s it. We hope you are now able to sort products on any shop page.