Is your business found on Google?

Are you found on Google?

It may sound obvious, but people looking for your business online need to be able to find you when they ‘Google it’.

Most businesses already know they can be found with a Google search. But the bigger question is, “What search term finds you?”

Is your business found on Google Maps?

A real life example: Finding directions to a local church.

Recently I created a video about my experience trying to find a local church. Because I didn’t know the address, I did a quick voice search to take me there (like I normally do.) To my frustration, Google could not find the church or its address.

Luckily, in this instance, I knew that the church did exist and so didn’t give up. I asked my wife, who was in the car with me, to try and find an address on her phone. We managed to find an address on the church website which we typed into Google and were able to get there on time. Albeit taking a bit longer.

So the story ended well in this case. But think about how many people might be searching for your business and never arrive because they can’t find you? And then how many people arrive at your business only to find that you are closed?

There have been times when I have actually not gone to a store because Google said it was closed. And then I find out later that it was in fact open, but the operating hours on Google were wrong!

Google Maps – The most popular source for directions.

Google Maps has become world’s most popular navigation software. It’s smart too. For example if a business is closed, Google will alert you before you start your trip. This means as a business it’s so important to keep your maps listing up to date.

You could be losing significant customer traffic if your opening hours or your address are wrong. You could even be losing traffic if your website is not linked correctly to your profile.

Fortunately it’s not too hard to get your maps listing fixed. Once you know how to manage your maps listing, it can actually drive a lot of traffic to your store. Now that’s some good news!

So if you’re a business, and you haven’t already done so, make sure that you get your Google Maps listing claimed as a priority.

What else can I do with Google Maps?

Completing your listing and making the most of the all the features can take a little longer to learn. If you need help, please reach out to our team.

To help, we have created a new Google My Business Mini Course which combines all our best tips.

So if you want to get your maps listing and business profile under control, register for this simple course right away! We’ll give you the tools and the knowledge to make sure you don’t miss out on customers who are already searching for you.

The course will be released on our website in February 2020. As a special offer, if you sign up before the launch we’ll give it to you FREE.

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