FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Introduction Many sites have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page. But, what is an FAQ page? This is a page on a website that gives quick answers to customers’ most common questions. As such, an FAQ can help reduce support queries and will also help your users. A common approach is to have a large...

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SEO For Business

The SEO for Business course is derived from a talk that I did at the 2019 WordCamp in Singapore. Based on the feedback received, we turned it into an online guide to help people understand SEO and what it can do for your business. Who is this guide for? The course is for anybody seeking to...

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How to Write Blog Posts that Rank

Blogging is a great way to start building traffic, acquiring new customers, and developing brand awareness. In this course, you will learn the steps we use at MRK WP to create and write blog posts that rank in search engines. Who is this course for? What will you learn? The writing blog posts that rank...

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