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Set Footer by Post Type

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Premium feature

You need to have a premium license of the Footer Plugin for Divi to use this feature.

The Footer Plugin for Divi provides users with the ability to override the global footer based on a Post Type.

In these steps we cover how to set the Footer for a specific post type:

  • Open the Theme Customizer: Go to the theme customizer and click on the “Divi Global Footer” panel. Divi Footer Plugin - Theme Customiser Options - step 1
  • Select the Post Type: Select the Post Type section for which you would like to override the global footer.
    The list has all public post types on your WordPress Installation.
    Selecting a Post Type
  • Show/Hide and Override Footer: For illustration purposes, the screenshot below shows the view when post type Knowledge-base is selected.

    Check the “Show Footer” field to show/hide the footer. This can be used to have no footer based on a post type.

    To override the footer please ensure that:
    1. You select the checkbox labeled “OVERRIDE GLOBAL FOOTER” which will flag this footer to be overridden.
    2. Select a footer from the dropdown, from the list of the Divi library items which will now be the new footer for this post type.
    Making your Global Override for Footer on Post Type