Care Plan Plugin - Smush


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Smush is the most popular image compression plugin available for WordPress. With Smush, you can compress images using lossless compression to save space, saving up to 5 MB per image.

With Smush, you can bulk optimize, compress, and resize unlimited images in just a few clicks. All from one simple-to-use interface.

Smush Pro offers a number of advanced features that the free version doesn’t, including Smush Pro’s CDN (serving images as close as possible to site visitors) and Local WebP (serving images from your media library in WebP format – without Smush Pro CDN).

Why is image compression is important?

By reducing the size of the images we post on our website, we will save bandwidth and reduce the amount of data that is downloaded each time a visitor comes to our site. Because a fast website keeps the user’s attention, compression is critical.