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Bulk optimize, compress, and resize unlimited images in a matter of clicks.
Pricing Model: Freemium / $60 per year.
The cost of this license is included in our care plans.
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Smush plugin is the most popular image compression plugin available for WordPress. With Smush, you can compress images using lossless compression to save space, saving up to 5 MB per image.

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Why is image compression important?

Image compression reduces the size of the images we post on our website. This saves bandwidth and reduces the amount of data that is downloaded each time a visitor comes to our site.

Compressing images makes your website pages load faster, which helps you keep your visitors engaged.

Image SEO Tips

Check our WordPress article on Image SEO best practices to improve your site’s image visibility in search engines.

Plugin Features

Here are some features the Smush plugin comes with;

  • Image Compression: The plugin uses advanced algorithms to compress and optimize your images without compromising quality. It automatically reduces image file sizes, resulting in faster loading times.
  • Bulk Optimization: The tool comes with the bulk optimization feature to optimize all your existing images in one go, saving you time and effort.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading ensures that images are loaded only when needed, improving initial page load times and user experience.
  • WebP Support: You convert your images to the WebP format, which offers excellent compression and quality, further boosting performance.
  • Image Resizing: You can set maximum image dimensions to prevent oversized images from affecting your website’s speed.
  • Automatic Image Scaling: Smush Pro automatically scales large images down to fit within the dimensions you specify, reducing server load and improving performance.

Smush: Free Vs Pro Version

The Smush Pro version offers a number of advanced features that do not come with the free version. Some of these features include;

  1. Bulk Image Optimisation can you tonnes of time.
  2. CDN to serve images as close as possible to site visitors.
  3. Local WebP that serves images from your media library in WebP format.
  4. Auto-conversion of images from PNG to JPEG format etc.

Smush support

Implementing Smush Pro effectively and optimizing your website’s performance can be complex, especially for those new to WordPress. This is why we offer support for this plugin as part of our WordPress Care Plan service.

The Care plan package includes the plugin’s support and Pro version license fees.

We have a lot of experience with Smush Pro, having used it on over 50 websites. Our team can help you set up the Smush Pro plugin to ensure that your website benefits from its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Smush plugin.

What is the Smush Plugin, and what does it do?

Smush is a WordPress plugin that optimizes and compresses images on your website. It reduces image file sizes without compromising quality, resulting in faster page loading times.

Is there a free version of Smush available?

Yes, a free version of Smush is available with basic image optimization features. The Pro version, however, offers advanced features and more comprehensive optimization.

Can Smush work on both old and new images on my website?

Yes, the plugin can optimize existing images in your media library and new ones as you upload them.

What image formats does Smush support?

It supports popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF. It also has the ability to convert images to the WebP format for improved performance.