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Every year on Black Friday, there are amazing deals for WordPress Developers. This year is no different! So if you want to buy a new theme or plugin, now is perfect! There are so many great deals out there that I had to share what I am buying with everyone.

1. WordPress Themes

On Black Friday, WordPress Developers can take advantage of fantastic bargains every year. This year is no exception! I had to share what I am buying with everyone as themes are the look and feel of your website. They come in all shapes and sizes, offer a variety of features, and you can customize them to fit almost any need. With so much to choose from, it’s essential to know what you want before you start looking for a WordPress theme.

This Black Friday, we were looking for blocked-based themes ready for WordPress 5.9.

Blocksy PRO Theme
Blocksy Home Page
Blocksy Home Page

The first thing I will be looking at is themes for my website. There are some excellent discounts on lifetime valuations and licenses available. So I am looking for lifetime licenses for unlimited sites. I work with many sites and looking for a good percentage off. As I looked at deals for Black Friday, my number one choice is Blocksy themes. They have got good navigation options and content hooks.

Blocksy premium has some fantastic features. These include; an enhanced header builder, incredible header pro elements, an advanced menu and custom fonts. Its integration with WooCommerce provides you with a lot of customization options. The premium is well worth it, they’ve got 40% off for Black Friday, and they do offer a lifetime license.

You can find more about this discount and cyber Monday deals available on the Blocksy website.

Kadence Theme
Kadence Black Friday Offer Page
Kadence Black Friday Offer Page

Another theme I am buying is one of my favourites, the Kadence theme. I’ve used this theme, and it works great. Kadence is interesting because it has got a theme and a plugin system. It is great to use because of its compatibility with all kinds of plugins. This theme also has WooCommerce extensions available.

You can make significant savings with the 40% off deal for Black Friday sales. And you get an entire suite of block elements too. You can find out more about this fantastic discount on the Kadence website.

2. Gutenberg Block Libraries

Block Libraries are great for developers. As well as those who want to customize their site’s appearance by creating unique blocks. In addition, they allow for more flexibility when building posts and pages on WordPress, which is always lovely.

At MRK WP, we use Gutenberg blocks daily so getting the best libraries is essential.

Stackable Blocks
Stackable Black Friday Offer Page
Stackable Black Friday Offer Page

The second item on my list is Blocks. I was on the lookout for Stackable blocks. And they will soon be releasing the much anticipated Stackable version 3. You can get access to a great UI kit that was just released. Stackable has an extensive collection of blocks to bring some life to the website. If you don’t have a sound block library, look at Stackable. It has over 100 blocks that you can filter by design, colours and names.

Another great feature is CSS customization. It allows you to tailor-fit your designs and achieves that unique look for your website. If you want to get your hands on this product, then be sure to check out their website in the next few days. Stackable has great offers is at excellent prices. Visit the stackable website for more information.

3. WordPress Speed Tools

One of the most important factors in increasing conversions is website speed. Studies show that every one-second delay reduces conversions by 7%. That means for each second your site takes to load, you are losing out on potential customers! Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to reduce your page load time. This can improve user experience too – all without spending a lot of money or hiring an expert.

WP Rocket
WP Rocket Price Table
WP Rocket Price Table

The third product I am buying is WP Rocket. We have used WP Rocket for years as a secret weapon in making our WordPress websites fast. If you are looking to boost your page speeds by a tonne, then WP Rocket is the way to do it. It’s a fantastic plugin that I have used before and now getting for Black Friday! WP Rocket is relatively easy to use and does not need much for you to set it up.

I have had a license with the company for about ten years already. And I would suggest to anyone who wants to make their pages go faster. WP Rocket is the one that you want. If you already have a license, you can upgrade as well. I am getting the four years half-price deal. It goes for 30% off this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! You can find out more about this incredible discount on the WP Rocket website.

4. WordPress Form Tools

Forms are one of the most critical parts of any website. They make it simple for others to communicate with you. And also, give them an easy way to sign up for your services or newsletters. Today, we will show you how to create some excellent forms using WordPress!

Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms Black Friday Offer Page
Gravity Forms Black Friday Offer Page

One of my favourite plugins also has an excellent sale for this Black Friday. Gravity forms is a fantastic plugin that I use, and now it’s 50% off. You can check out other form builders like WP forms and fluent forms. These are the three that I see that have high-quality premium forms. I like Gravity Forms because their Elite and Pro add-ons have many different connections to other systems. So you can fill out the forms and get the data to go elsewhere.

Gravity Forms is one to look out for. It has some incredible features like conditional logic support. This means you can make your form work how you want it to. In addition, gravity forms offers excellent customer service. This will help with any problems or questions during the setup. Finally, be sure to check out the deal for all new licenses before Black Friday ends on the Gravity website.

5. WordPress Event Management Tools

Every website should have a good mix of practical, interesting, or entertaining content. If you want to add some extra information about your site event, advertising might be for you! Event advertising can help spread the word about upcoming events. This can even get people excited about them as well.

This can add a lot of value to so many websites when many organizations offer a mix of online and offline events.

The Events Calendar
The Events Calendar Black Friday Offer Page
The Events Calendar Black Friday Offer Page

Another one I have purchased is The Events Calendar. This is a great plugin that allows you to create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site. The Events Calendar works okay but it is expensive. So you want to make sure you make the most of those discounts.

One of its best features is that it can allow you to manage all your virtual and in-person events in one calendar. Events Calendar works with a lot of different plugins. This is fantastic because I can add an entire range of features to my website from within one plugin! There is a 40% deal on this plugin. You can find out more on the Events Calendar website.

6. WordPress Custom Fields

Next up we have ways to be able to extend WordPress. That is, adding custom fields to our posts. They are commonly used by WordPress plugins and themes to store important data. Two items that I am looking at this Black Friday in this category are Meta Box and ACF Pro. 

Meta Box
Meta Black Friday Offer Page
Meta Black Friday Offer Page

Another great plugin is Metabox. I like Meta Box because it allows me to pull the library in with composer. It has a lot of great add-ons as well. It also makes it easier to add custom fields to your website. These can include pages, posts, custom post kinds, and forms. You can use over 40 different field types such as text, photos, and checkboxes.

You can get a 50% discount this Black Friday so that’s definitely a perk! Find out more about their deals on the Meta Box website.

ACF Pro Black Friday Offer Page
ACF Pro Black Friday Offer Page

This is another plugin that I use on my website to manage custom fields. It’s got some great features you can take advantage of. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) allows you to create customizable fields for your posts and pages. It works with many WordPress plugins like WooCommerce.

There are some great features available that you can take advantage of for your website. Take a look at the ACF blocks that you can customize to suit your needs. Not forgetting the flexible content field that allows you to define subgroups that you can edit and re-order, all to your preference. You can find out more about the discount deals on the ACF website.

7. WordPress Image Tools

Large images are one of the main causes for a site slow down. It only takes one website administrator to load up that huge image from a modern smartphone to create a slow page load. Image optimisation tools help solve this problem by delivering optimised images automatically.

WPMU Black Friday Offer Page
WPMU Black Friday Offer Page
WPMU Smush

When it comes to image optimizations, I use Smush a lot. WP Smush is a plugin that allows you to optimize images without losing quality. It is quite easy to use and allows you to optimize these images as you upload them. At MRKWP, we use Smush Pro for image optimization. This plugin offers functionality that includes;

  • Bulk image optimization with a click
  • 2x image compression
  • Automatic resize and scale of images
  • 45 point image CDN among others.

If you have a WooCommerce site, you might want to take a look at WPMU dev’s plugin package that comes with Defender, Hummingbird, form tools and Smush. The reason is that their Defender tool helps to reduce a lot of the spam that you get with customer sign up. Now to get that kind of protection in any other way, you need to pay a per-site license for WooCommerce capture. However, Defender has it included for free and you get all the extra features from Defender as well.

These plugins come embedded in WMPU’s Black Friday deal. You can find out more about the offer on the WPMU website.

8. WordPress Hosting

I use WP Engine, that’s no secret. I also use Spinup sometimes, WPMU and Cloudways other times. Though sometimes they quite vary. I’ll do another video if you’re interested in what hosting I pick for when. I can let you know when I choose different hosts and why I choose them. So that might help you choose the right WordPress host. But there are plenty of bargains on right now.

WP Engine

This company offers some of the best hosting services for websites especially those using the popular CMS WordPress! Boasting over 30 million websites using WP Engine services. WP Engine gives you access to all sorts of features like automatic backups, site staging and cloning. So if you ever need to make changes or updates then it’s super easy! You also get incredible speed so your website runs as fast as possible and you can customize a lot of features on the site through an incredible control panel.

Their tools and managed hosting take care of all the hard work that goes into maintaining your site. This includes keeping it up-to-date and secure. This Black Friday, WP Engine is being kind enough to offer 3 months free off for all new accounts. If you’re looking for a hosting solution, then this would be great! You can find out more on the WP Engine website.

Get 3 months free with WP Engine
MRK WP – Your WP Engine Agency Partner

WPMU DEV hosting provides a wide variety of premium services, themes and plugins. As a website owner, this can help you create and manage your sites with a single click.

Some amazing features available include security through Defender’s built-in services. It also provides speed through super fast hosting. You can find out more about how they work on the WPMU website.

Other Hosting Options

Cloudways is very good for you if you have a site that is getting bigger. One that requires a bit more customization and unique requirements. Cloudways might be the choice for you so check that one out. Find out more about how they work on the Cloudways website.

Spinup is another great hosting option you should check out this Black Friday. You can find out more on the Spinup website.

Final Thoughts

That is what I’m getting this Black Friday. I hope this post has helped you see the true potential of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and explore some great deals on products for your own websites. These are the products I bought to help with SEO, content creation, conversion optimization.

Did any of these products catch your eye? If so, click on one of the links to find out more about each product. Happy holiday shopping!