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10 Free Divi Layouts You Need to Download Today

Did you know that the Divi community offers free layouts? It’s true! Check out this article to learn about 10 free Divi layouts that you need to download today.

Do you have a WordPress website that could use an update? There are plenty of different layouts you can choose from, including those made freely by Divi and Divi users.

In a survey conducted by Elegant Themes, it was found that 64% of Divi users would recommend it to their friends or peers. It’s not surprising that they would do this, considering how handy it is and how great it can make your website look.

If you want to see some of the best free Divi layouts, then read on. We’ve listed ten of the best Divi layouts that you can use.

The 10 Best Free Divi Layouts

1. Logistic

Logistics Divi layout

With a modern and clean design, Logistic is one of many fantastic free Divi layouts that can you can use on your WordPress website.

It isn’t a complete website, but it can help you get a rough idea of how you want the design to look. All of the modules can be copied and used on any other pages.


Logistic is a scroll down page layout with a variety of features. The opening of the website has a section where you can list your opening hours, phone number and email address. It even has a lovely photo space at the top which is perfect for a heading picture.

It features a clean and simple welcome page where you can explain your vision and services.

There is also a contact us section so clients can message you directly as well as a section down the bottom for testimonies to show off your work.

Most unique aspect

Logistic features a fantastic looking fact page. This is a great place to show off some statistics about your company, including how many clients you have or how far your company travels each year to deliver their services.


In order to use Logistic, you need to have the Divi parent theme installed for WordPress.

With its pre-filled sections, this layout is best suited for logistics or transport companies.

2. Adventure

Adventure Free Divi Layout

Adventure has a wonderfully elegant and clean design that is not only responsive but also features a striking combination of colors. Like Logistic, it is not a complete website but it can give you an idea of how to set up the design of your WordPress website.


Not only does Adventure have a fantastic space for a heading picture, it also features a photo gallery right underneath it, making it a perfect way to show off a variety of pictures.

It also has an about us section where you can place pictures of you and your staff with detailed descriptions of their experience.

Most unique aspect

One unique aspect of Adventure is the display boxes down the bottom of this free Divi layout. Not only can it be used to display images, you can also provide a blurb for said images. This is perfect for showing off your favorite photos or locations.


In order to use Adventure, you need to have the Divi parent theme installed for WordPress.

Adventure is a WordPress layout which could suit a number of different blog types. This includes travel blogs, travel agencies or photo galleries for professional photographers.

3. Holiday

Free Holiday Divi layout

Holiday is one of the many free Divi layouts that can provide your WordPress blog with a bright and ambient style.

It also has a fantastic scroll down style which makes it easy for any visitor to use.


Along with its scroll down style, Holiday has a variety of great features to brighten up your blog.

It has a great spot for an opening banner up the top to welcome any guests to your blog. Holiday also comes with several separated panels where you can include both images and words to explain who your business is and what their services are.

This Divi layout even has a spot down the bottom where you can place client testimonies. Be sure to ask permission from your clients before doing this, though.

Most unique aspect

The one thing that makes Holiday stand out is how it embeds news articles into the middle of this layout. This is a handy way to keep visitors on your site and keep them interesting in your products or services.

Due to its focus on travel and bright colors, this Divi layout is best suited for the likes of travel companies, adventure package tour providers, and holiday package websites.

4. Consultant Layout Pack

Consultant Free Divi Layout

Sleek and bold, this is one of many free Divi layouts that you’ll want to use if you want a great professional look.


This Divi layout consists of four pages that you can use for your WordPress blog. This includes a home page, an about us page, a services page and a contact page.

Most unique aspect

It also has an incredibly professional layout with a color palette of dark and light blues as well as white, suiting any sort of professional business.

This Divi layout is recommended for those who need a website for any sort of consulting business.

5. Layout for Restaurant

A divi Layout for Restaurant mockup on Macbook Air.

Sleek, modern and inviting, this is one of the best free Divi layouts you can use if you want a food industry-based blog.


This layout features eight separate pages which include an about page, a gallery page, a contact us page, a shop page and a team page.

The pages are all set to an elegant black and white layout which is pleasing to scroll through.

Most unique aspect

A unique aspect of this Divi layout is the way it blends photos and the layout style so naturally that it almost reminds you of a restaurant menu on some of the pages.

As the layout name implies, this is a style well suited for any blog in the food industry. This could include restaurants, cafes, bars or even fresh ingredient or meal delivery services.

6. Mechanic Home Page Layout

Mechanic Divi Layout

Simple but effective, if you like free Divi layouts but don’t want the hassle of a complex or over stylish design, this is the perfect layout for you.


This layout features a few standout designs that will make it well suited for any mechanic based blog. This includes space for header pictures with the call to action buttons.

There is a module designed to show off services to clients and a mouse over animation feature makes it interactive to use.

Most unique aspect

This design comes with some fantastic pre-designed icons that will make your blog look great whilst also making it easy to use.

This blog is highly recommended for those who work in the mechanics’ business. However, it can also work for any other sort of trade such as a blog for a plumber’s or an electrician’s service.

7. Construction Layout Page

Construction Divi Layout

This is one of the free Divi layouts that manages to be a perfect balance of simple yet eye-catching, making it a perfect choice for those who own construction-based blogs.


This layout has five pages which include a home page, an about us section, a services page and a contact us page. There is an additional page which can be used for any number of reasons.

Most unique aspect

It also has an appealing color palette that consists of blacks, yellows, and whites, giving off a very strong construction presence.

This Divi layout is highly recommended for construction based businesses and contractors, but it can also work for trade blogs and landscapers.

8. Web Agency Layout

Agency Free Divi Layout

Modern and stylish, this layout is a perfect choice if you want something that looks technological but that can still be incredibly user-friendly.


This is another of the many free Divi layouts that offer up several pre-formatted pages that you can use on your blog. These pages include a home page, a services page, a contact page and a portfolio page which are all set to a sharp looking blue and white layout.

Most unique aspect

This layout features several unique pages, including a pricing page and a career’s page.

This layout style is recommended for web agencies and any business which has a strong focus on technology.

9. Lawyer Layout

Lawyer Free Divi Layout

This elegant child theme is the perfect layout if you want a bold looking blog.


This is one of many free Divi layouts which includes multiple pages which you can use as is or customize as you wish. Some of the pages include a home page, two separate about us pages, one for the practice and one for the firm, and a contact page.

Most unique aspect

This fantastic layout is just oozing with style. The simple black and white color scheme in conjunction with a variety of feature pictures will keep your client’s attention and get them interested in your services.

This layout style is recommended for both lawyers and attorneys, as well as any sort of agency or practice looking for a bold theme.

10. Freelancer Layout

Freelancer Free Divi Layout

This sleek and stylish looking theme is the perfect way to show off your professional capabilities to your clients.


This layout features five unique pages that can set your blog apart from the rest. These include a home page, a testimonials page, and a contact page.

Most unique aspect

The main aspect that sets this layout apart from other free Divi layouts is sleek yet effective design. It also comes with a page specifically designed for web packages, so if you’re looking to sell goods or services, it’s perfect.

This Divi layout is highly recommended for any sort of freelancer, as is implied by the layout’s name.

Wrapping up

When it comes to Free Divi Layouts, you have so much choice. Get the right layout for you with the assistance of Divi and WordPress layout professionals.

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