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Ever wished you could wave a magic wand and get an amazing business website in an instant?

Most people would point you to WordPress to make that wish come true. It’s intuitive and right now there are over 75 million websites using WordPress to prove it.

However, making a website from WordPress isn’t as easy as people make it seem. You have to pour in hours of effort and a lot of money to get the most out of it.

That is, until the advent of Elegant Themes and their newest WordPress theme, Divi. It’s now the most popular theme in history, with over 1.2 million websites utilizing it.

But is it the optimal choice for you and your business? Are its features worth the price?

Learn more about its features, advantages, and disadvantages right here in this in-depth Divi review.

Divi Review: Features and Basics

Divi’s main point of separation is the fact that it is a multi-purpose theme.

Instead of offering only one design that you can tweak around, it gives you a full array of customization options to style any website the way you want. It’s like giving you a bunch of LEGO blocks and the freedom to build whatever you desire.

At the same time, it offers a graphical user interface that lets anyone design a site even if they have no coding experience. If you want to tweak things even further and you know how to use CSS, Divi allows you to do that too.

If there’s anything you should pick up from this Divi review, it’s that the theme is easy and flexible to craft any kind of website.

Divi WordPress Theme

What Kind of Websites Can You Make?

There’s been a lot of talk about how the Divi theme gives site builders the options to create any kind of site. Here are some great examples of sites you can craft using this theme and its built-in tools:

  • Personal blogs
  • Small business site
  • Affiliate and eCommerce sites
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Portfolio site
  • Pretty much anything – it is WordPress after all!

Whether you want to build a personal site or a business site, Divi is a perfect theme for all your needs. Unlike other themes, which force you to build or buy child themes for specific needs, Divi is well made and has layouts and design tools all included.


Lookup any Divi review and they’ll push the pros and cons at the bottom of the page. We’re putting these elements up top so you can get a quick glance at the advantages you get from using this theme.

The main advantages of Divi include:

  • Affordability
  • 100% customization options
  • No CSS and PHP needed
  • Drag-and-drop building
  • A/B conversion testing
  • Real-time previews
  • Weekly layouts with easy import
  • eCommerce compatibility
  • Responsive website design
  • SEO-ready

Other WordPress themes don’t offer all of these aspects together. They might force you to buy separate, third-party plug-ins but Divi offers these right from the get-go.


Nothing is perfect, and this Divi review isn’t going to pretend that Divi is any different. There are a few disadvantages but they aren’t too significant in the long run. These issues include:

  • Shortcode lock-in – Divi depends heavily on Shortcodes and this is seen as a negative by some people.
  • Overwhelming options – Sometimes finding exactly how to do something can be difficult.

At the end of the day, the downsides to using Divi are insignificant. Having too many options can be overwhelming at first but even newbie bloggers will adjust in no time.

The lock-in means your site will become a jumbled mess the moment you decide to stop using Divi. Elegant Themes have recently introduced a workaround for this and allow users to continue using the Divi Builder even after they switch to a different WordPress theme.

No Coding Required

One of the main selling points of Divi is its drag-and-drop site builder.

You can create a whole website and all its fancy features without knowing a single line of coding. You can add everything, from creating comment boxes to adding shopping cart options, with nothing but a mouse and a few clicks.

This means that anyone can make a decent website. You can customize every little detail like adjusting inner shadows, font colours, animations, and more. If you want to use CSS codes to tweak things further, Divi gives you the freedom to do so.

You can also implement additional content made by third-party developers. You can add modules that integrate Facebook video embedding, for example, and it doesn’t require coding knowledge or skills.

Drag-and-Drop Divi Builder

A/B Testing

Another reason why people give Divi a positive review is the fact that you can test different designs at the same time. Allowing you to see which of your designs will lead to higher conversions.

Called Divi Leads, you can now try out different Call-to-Actions or product images to see which ones lead to better results. You can try out different layouts or animations and see which ones drive customers to buy something.

Now you no longer have to rely on blind luck. You can test and measure results to get solid information to help improve your online business.

A/B Testing

Real-Time Previews

Most WordPress themes offer a back-end editing dashboard. You can make changes to your site’s layout and presentation but you don’t get to see these changes until you click a preview button.

Some themes offer a front-end editing option. This gives you the freedom to see changes implemented right as you make them.

Divi gives you both of these editing options and this means you get real-time previews of changes without having to open a different page.

Free Weekly Modules

Not sure if you have the skills to design a site from scratch?

Worry no further because Divi allows you to implement layouts made by others. Called modules, you can get these ready-made layouts for free each week if you sign up for full access.

You can then take these modules to make adjustments and customization choices to turn them into something personal and unique.

This means you will get an endless supply of new layouts. Not every Divi review points this out which is a shame seeing as beginner bloggers could make a lot of use out of these modules.

Divi Premade Layouts

WooCommerce Compatibility

Do you aim to make an Amazon affiliate site? How about selling your own products and turning your blog into an eCommerce website? You can do all these and more with Divi because it offers WooCommerce compatibility.

WooCommerce isn’t the only online shopping plug-in but without a doubt, it’s the most popular. It allows you to turn any WordPress site into a store that can sell anything, anywhere.

Divi allows for quick and easy integration with this tool and you won’t need any third-party adjustment tools. With a few clicks, you can implement account registration, a shopping cart, affiliate marketing tools, and more.

Responsive Design

By the year 2020, there will be approximate 2.87 billion smartphone users. Various mobile devices have different screen sizes and you still have to consider people logging into your site using laptops and desktop monitors.

One advantage that this Divi review will point out is that the theme has an automatic responsive setting. Responsive sites adjust to a device’s screen, making sure it optimizes for any size.

This is important since it ensures anyone on any device can access your site without dealing with missing features or a cluttered design.

Responsive Design with DIvi

Affordable Price

This Divi review isn’t going to hide the one factor that many bloggers and online businesses will debate about, the price. It can look a little steep for one-person bloggers but for a small business, the price tag isn’t too high with all things considered.

Elegant Themes, the developers of the Divi theme, offer an all-in subscription package that costs $89 per year, as of the time of writing. This means for that one year of membership you get unlimited access to the weekly modules, all of Elegant Themes WordPress themes which includes Divi, and all their plug-ins.

There is also the one-time fee of $249 and this guarantees lifetime access to all of the aforementioned tools.

Comparing these prices to other themes can make it sound expensive but $249 is a lot cheaper compared to the $5,000 to $10,000 you’d pay for a professional website designer to do it all from scratch.

Built-In SEO Features

Most themes require you to add third-party SEO plug-ins to monitor basic things like click rates, bounce rates, and your link profile. That’s no longer the case with Divi because it comes with its own built-in SEO features.

The best part is that you can still use third-party content too.

Want to add a module to let you create and adjust breadcrumbs? You can do that.

Do you want to edit meta tags and conduct keyword performance on each page? You can do all that too.

Build Your Site With Divi Today

Don’t waste another moment trying to teach yourself complex CSS codes. Don’t waste thousands of dollars hiring a designer and risk getting an expensive website that doesn’t work for you.

Going through this Divi review, you’ll see there is nothing to lose using this theme. There’s a reason so many professional sites use it and it keeps getting updated with new features.

Not sure where to start? Are you already using Divi but are looking for specific plug-ins and third-party tools to further customize your site?

Contact us and we can point you in the right direction. We can show you how to make the most out of this popular theme and turn your site into a profitable investment.