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Restaurant Menu Schema Data


Structured data is essential for SEO and getting the most out of your website.

Schema data, aka Structured data, helps search engines to better understand our content and website.

In this case, the menu and restaurant details now have Schema data available to optimise our content. We have full restaurant menu schema data linked to your menu items.

This is great for Restaurant SEO and getting rich snippets for your WordPress Restaurant Menu.

Detailed on the validated structure can be found at http://schema.org/FoodEstablishment and http://schema.org/Restaurant

The Restaurant Menu Plugin for Divi Builder now enables structured data using the Menu Plugin Post Type and options captured in the Restaurant SEO Settings page.

For more information on the Restaurant Schema Data, check out the Moz Blog Article here.

How to Enable Restaurant Menu Schema Data.

The settings page can be found at WordPress Admin > Restaurant SEO

Additional fields are required for Schematic Data
Additional fields are required for Schematic Data

Fields are:

  • Enabled Schema Data: Selecting this enables the restaurant SEO.
  • Restaurant Name: Name of the restaurant.
  • Logo: Restaurant logo
  • Image: Restaurant image.
  • Cuisines Served: Add one or more cuisines served by the restaurant.
  • Telephone: Restaurant phone number.
  • Price Range: Price range for the restaurant.
  • Menu Pages: Add all the WordPress pages which have the Divi menu module on them.
  • Currency: The currency used in the menu.
  • Language: Language of the menu.
Restaurant Menu Plugin for Divi

Restaurant Menu Plugin

Easy menu management for your restaurant with Structured Data and great SEO support. 
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