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Girvan Waugh Website Design

Girvan Waugh needed a website to work as a functional marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, position itself as a thought leader in the industry and increase credibility and trust to potential customers and partners.

Specifically, the new website needed to fulfil the following business needs:

  • A more sophisticated site design representing the construction division of the business.
  • A case study and portfolio area of the website to showcase core projects and the amazing results.
  • Integrate with the core focus of the business to assist in getting more leads for the specific target market.

Also required was a content management system to allow Girvan Waugh Pty Ltd to easily manage content on the site and reduce administrative costs.

Girvan waugh website
Girvan Waugh Website Design

The end result was a great looking website that fulfilled all of the requirements as well as being easy to manage and maintain onsite.

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