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PY Agronomy Website

PY Agronomy is an agricultural business in Parkes, NSW, Australia. With recent changes to their business and a desire to look towards recurring revenue, the team decided to take the first steps in going online with a small business website.

A small business website from MRK is a great first step for any business going online for the first time. PY Agronomy’s new website not only looks great and is mobile responsive, but serves as a professional point of contact and assists potential new customers to better understand PY Agronomy’s services.

Py Agronomy Website Design
Py Agronomy Website Design

The FAQ database is a great information resource, along with the blog, for both potential and existing customers.

The website integrates with MailChimp via the Bloom Email Opt-in and Pop Over Tool, enabling Py Agronomy to take subscriptions, gather client information, generate income, and communicate regularly with their client base.

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