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Social media marketing is known as an off-page SEO element. This implies that social media marketing for a site doesn’t happen directly on 3rd party platforms.

Even though social media may not directly impact search engine rankings, it significantly contributes to a brand’s visibility, hence increasing the growth of the brand’s audience.

This shows that social media can positively impact your SEO and boost your search engine results.

In this guide, we’ll cover the aspects of social media concerning SEO and how to share your content for a more significant impact.

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Getting your Content on Social Media

We are done with everything else regarding content and SEO. One more thing to consider is Social media. What can we do with Social media to enhance our SEO?

Benefits of Social media for business SEO
Benefits of Social media for business SEO

Social media is an essential marketing strategy for any business. If it is not yet part of your marketing arsenal, it should be.

Social media will increase your brand’s visibility and authority when you continue sharing content that engages your audience.

Additionally, with social media, there are link-building opportunities. For instance, whenever you share your content on social media, the shares also create links to other sites and platforms where your content is being shared to.

How to Schedule and Post Social Content

Of all social media platforms, one stands out, and that is Twitter.

Social media in content
Social media in content

Twitter loves links, which is an excellent SEO element. Unlike other platforms, Twitter will allow you to share your content links multiple times.

Other essential factors to consider

Lifecycle of the content

One aspect to consider is the content lifecycle. You don’t have to share your content once and leave it to age.

Ensure to have your posts are shared periodically. You worked hard to create that content, don’t leave it to gather dust in old posts. Refresh it with new updates and repost it. This will have you gathering traffic from months and years-old posts with just a few tweaks.

Use automation tools

Scheduling your social media content is well worth the effort. It, however, requires you to use tools that can automate the process.

At MRK, we use Zoho Social to schedule and post our social media content across multiple platforms.

With this tool, you can schedule your posts for months ahead.

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