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What is a Content Checklist?

This comprehensive list of tasks makes up the content creation process. 

It is an essential writing guide that highlights what tasks are completed and those that are pending as you follow through and tick off the processes.

How does a content checklist work?

A checklist breaks down the content creation process into phases. Each phase is further broken down into smaller logical steps.

Benefits of using a Content Checklist:

  • A checklist will organise your workflow more efficiently and understandably.
  • It can let you know who handled what task and how far they are from accomplishment.
  • You can quickly know what tasks are pending and those that are completed.
  • You will not miss any critical aspects of the content process that may affect the quality of your content.

When creating a checklist, you need to consider the entire writing phase.

At MRK WP, we created a spreadsheet checklist that we follow while creating our content. It guides us through the content creation phases.

You can download and customise the checklist for your content creation process.