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Care Plan Feature - SMTP

Sending emails over a custom SMTP can help in the delivery of emails for forms, forgotten passwords and other WP messages.

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Please review our SMTP and our email delivery services to learn more about them.

Custom SMTP

Your IT situation could be unique, or you may have specific requirements for email delivery.

When it comes to the quality of email delivery for your WordPress site, our team can support your IT team. We ensure we get those emails delivered reliably.

Connection Examples

We can assist your IT team in connecting your WordPress site to Office365 or Google Workspace (former G Suite) to make sure they can manage email delivery.

MRK WP provides custom SMTP email for your business.
MRK WP can connect your domain to receive mail through G Suite or Microsoft 365.

At MRK, we have the skills to check on your SMTP setup and fix any errors that may arise.

We work with you and your IT team or can configure tools for your DNS to get high-level deliverability of emails. This also reduces spam risks for your email domains.

Many WordPress companies do not have internal dev ops. At MRK, our founder Matthew Knighton has a dev ops skill set and can assist in troubleshooting email delivery.

If you find email delivery difficult, please contact our team.