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Happy New year to all our Divi Framework Members.

Over the past year, we have seen some fantastic growth and some huge changes in the world of WordPress.

WordPress and Divi Development Changes in 2018

With the new Front End and React libraries the Divi Builder itself has seen its biggest year of changes. This is fantastic news for most of the users.

Yes, I will personally mourn the loss of the back-end editor. The block style of editing is simply evolutionary and I think it was a big inspiration for block editing and the big changes that have come to WordPress. The front end editor is now going to be the default so that means a lot of work for us at Divi Framework making all our plugins work really well in this new world.

With WordPress 5.0 we have Gutenberg. Some of us love it, some hate it and the rest are in between.

What our members told us

As many of you know, as you become a free member on Divi Framework you end up filling out a form where we ask what is the most important to you as a user.

Do you want Plugins, Themes or Learning? We did some statistics on the feedback and the results are very interesting:

97% want plugins

97% of those that made the choice to enter data in that part of our form said they were interested in Plugins. This means Plugins will remain our focus at Divi Framework.

56% want learning materials

56% of you indicated you would like more learning materials. As many of you would have seen our learning materials are continuing to improve and we hope to be the best free and paid resource for Divi WordPress users and developers by the end of 2019.

49% want themes

49% of you are interested in Themes. We are going to spend less time on Child Themes than other areas however what we will be doing is creating child theme examples with plugins and learning combined. This should help all of us become better users of Divi and WordPress.

Our focus in 2019

At Divi Framework our focus is two things.

  1. Plugins – we want all our plugins to be first class citizens with Divi Builder Frontend.
  2. Learning – lots of videos and new learning materials are to be released.

We will of course continue to be agile but the main thing for us is continuing to help WordPress users see Divi Builder as a framework of tools to make great websites.

We have our standard installation protocols and setups that help us maintain and grow our WordPress clients year on year.

We want to help every member, Free and Paid do the same thing in 2019. The internet is huge and growing faster every year. I think that we can change the internet one website at a time and help every organisation look fantastic using WordPress and Divi.

A new year brings new hope

As the New year arrives we all set goals to grow and do more. As a result of that, I thought how can I help our members best at this time of year.

I realised that was simple, make it easier to join Divi Framework.

So for the first 7 days of the year, we have a sale for all of you.

Enter the code my2019deal on checkout to save 70% on any plan.

Happy New Year and we look forward to an amazing year for Divi Framework and WordPress in 2019!