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5 Ways to be a Better Online Sales Business

When it comes to sales and the skill of making a sale many business owners think it is simply a matter of hiring an excellent salesperson.

Getting the right person for the job is always going to help a business. However there is processes that you can put in place to be a better sales business using online tools.

In our business we use Agile CRM as a way for us to consistently improve in sales, making our best sales person our sales process.

Step 1 : Get a CRM

Having a good CRM is a highly valued tool when used correctly. They key word is USED. You need a CRM you can use, not just a tool that sits in the background.

We have found that Agile CRM has a limited functional setup but we use it way more than any other tools M R K has used. And I can tell you, we have used a lot of different CRM products over the years.

Make sure you have a CRM that helps you engage more with each prospect.

Step 2 : Ensure every lead is followed up at least 5 times

We have an automated approach to this at M R K. We track each lead and follow them up via email often. Most of our leads get at least 10 emails and 3 phone meetings before being closed. That might sound like a lot – it is. According to recent statistics this is completely normal.

Sales Statistics

I know that these stats sometimes get you thinking – I don’t want to bug anyone or annoy any potential leads. I can tell you right away that you don’t need to do that. Follow up can be done in some really smart ways and that takes me to my next point.

Step 3: Be helpful when following up

When you follow up on a sale email you don’t need to always chase the deal. Sending helpful information or related information to be genuinely helpful will give you a better chance of building a relationship instead of being annoying.

With your website and your emails you can set a tone of being a trusted and helpful provider of good information to genuinely assist in solving the client’s issues.

This can work in all sorts of ways. A call to say, BTW have you seen these latest reviews in making your choice for X product.

Or when following up ask if someone knew some interesting information that could help them in making a decision instead of just asking for a decision.

All of these help in building a relationship with a lead instead of harassing a lead to get to your 5 contact points.

Step 4: Be fast to follow up a lead

Our first step when we work with any customer is to decrease the time for the initial followup for any lead.

This is so important. I love it when a potential client is surprised at how fast we have got back to them and helped them move forward.

We have found a direct correlation with how fast we follow up a lead to the close rate. Strike while emotion is high to get more deals.

Step 5: Be consistent between businesses

If you do anything more than once it needs a process. Follow up needs a process and you should template and define as much of it as possible to ensure each lead gets a consistent experience.

Even if you don’t win this deal, the way you approach your lead and this communication can lead to a referral.

Be consistent and you will get better results. You can also make sure that if you have a pattern of when you are losing a deal or a deal goes cold that you can do a process review to get better conversions in the future.

We use Agile CRM to help us get more consistent in every process we have for a lead and a deal.

What do you do to get a good sales process?

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