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Auto Play Added to Video Toolkit

We recently had a customer request for a new feature. They asked about autoplay in our Video Toolkit (depracated).

Vimeo and Youtube both have autoplay flags in their video embed players.

We thought that was a fantastic idea and very useful so we added it to Video Toolkit. You will see it in the Post Type and Overlay module.

This means when you open the video lightbox it can now autoplay the video on load. It is using the default parameters for these players. You can take a look at the screenshot below to see the new AutoPlay checkbox.

New Auto Play feature for Divi Video Toolkit

How do I get the Video Toolkit updates?

If you already are using the Video Toolkit just update it in the WordPress updates area. The update will automatically occur.

We also fixed the installation process. You will be asked to instal ACF Pro and we give you a link to it on installation.

Other updates this week?

We have a fair few other updates about to arrive this week including,

  1. Our new theme for restaurants
  2. Videos and how to guides for the restaurant menu plugin
  3. Videos and guide for the testimonials plugin
  4. If we get that done as quick as we want we will also start out video tutorial series on Gravity Forms.

It’s all go go go here at Divi Framework.

Do you want to see a new feature in any plugin, theme or module?

Let us know and we can work towards an update for that plugin or an all-new plugin or feature. We do regular videos and how to’s so don’t be afraid to ask. We may end up doing video series to answer your questions.

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