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Increasing trust with images via checkout

Every website needs to portray trust to increase checkout conversion. The more a potential customer trusts you, the higher the chance they will purchase.

This is especially important for your first orders. A new customer that has found you online should be able to trust you.

What trust symbols should I use?

Use any recognised trust symbol. Certification logos, Credit Card Logos and security symbols fit the bill.

When it comes to payment logos you can consider Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX. People trust these payment providers and will trust you more when you show these symbols.

Paypal is particularly important. People trust Paypal and its return policies. A lot of people will only pay with Paypal so make sure you offer it to gain trust.

You can add these in WooCommerce via the payment gateway tool in the checkout settings.

Other trust symbols are harder to use especially when it comes to your security symbols. In the screencast, I will should you how to use custom code to add these.

What symbols are best?

This Baynard study is a great guide to which ones work best. Norton and McAfee are well trusted in security and are the most trusted in this research.

Elegant Themes uses the Norton security symbol on their website. This is to build trust with its potential customers.

The more symbols you have, the more trust you will gain so it’s worth putting in the time to understand this method.

How do you add these security symbols? Let us watch the screen-cast to learn how.

Watch the Video Screencast

You can get the snippet below that we use in the video. Use a child theme to make sure you can safely update your site and not lose your trust symbols.

Overall this is a great effect and something you should absolutely have in your list of snippets and solutions.

What other methods of trust can be used?

Client Testimonials and up to date social media are also important.

If you have good social media that is up to date, you are much more likely to get sales because people know you are active. The internet is a ghost town of websites and articles that are out of date. Make sure you are alive and active online to increase your trust.

Add your social media logos to your header. Instagram and Youtube are excellent choices as they help people know who you are.

Want more ways to build trust online?

Let me know in the comments or comment on the Youtube video.