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Easy to read web copy is so important. I recently I noticed just how important it is.

I have been doing a bit of rework on my websites. The goal is to enhance pages for our product offering and increase lead conversion.

As I went researching and learning from all the great resources on the web I discovered that all of the articles I found I scanned first and then only the best were read in more detail.

This is a technique I use to take in more information quickly. Scan first and then read what is interesting.

However – I also noticed what stopped me from reading articles.

The big 3 repeat offenders I found are:

1. Paragraphs that are too long

I don’t want to read long paragraphs. Make each paragraph short and sweat and you will make easy to read web copy.

2. Sentences that are too long

In this example link, the website design is good but in this article you can see long sentences and paragraphs.

The content is great but because the paragraphs are too long you scan the headings and really don’t want to read the rest of the article.

Reducing the length of each sentence would make this easy to read web copy.

3. Bad semantics and typography

In this example article the typographic design of the article makes it hard to read.

The sub headings are not headings and the paragraphs are long without enough spacing around them.

To make this article become easy to read web copy is simple. Make proper subtitles and shorter sentences.

So how do you make easy to read web copy?

I have a simple technique to make easy to read web copy.

  • I write my article and then try to cut every sentence in half.
  • I try to change everything to small statements.
  • I use lots of headings and lists.

Then you have something that makes it easier to read.

What are your techniques for easy to read web copy?

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