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Update June 2020: This article is here for Archive purposes only. The Microsoft Edge browser is now using the Chrome Rendering Engine and is an amazing browser. It is very similar to Google Chrome without the privacy concerns.

The NEW Microsoft Edge browser is just around the corner with the launch of Windows 10 on the 29th of July 2015.

I really like the look of the new Microsoft Edge Browser and its minimal design.

So what are the Key features on the Microsoft Edge Browser for Windows 10?

Microsoft Cortana, which is the Siri or Google now of the Windows phone,  is built-in with Microsoft Edge browser.

I’m sure that it will become a great addition to the Microsoft Ecosystem. I have always liked Google Now and this looks to be a similar service but because it is in the browser it can have a place for all of you who travel in business or need news in the way you work.

Voice to Text and nice search with smart reading lists all look really great especially for tablet and phone usage.

One Engine for All Browsers

For a while Microsoft has been supporting legacy browsers for the corporate environments used by its business customers.

This made Internet Explorer be held back from being a modern browser and meant that windows phone was not using the same rendering tools as internet explorer.

The great news with Microsoft Edge Browser is we now have one browser on all Windows devices making for a more consistent environment.

The Web is the Platform of the Century

App have been a big buzz over the past 7 years but the internet continues to grow faster than any other platform. This is not going to change and its great to see microsoft back in the spotlight showing great products and giving Google Chrome and Safari some competition.

Microsoft Edge Browser is Great for Developers

The new browser looks great for web developers and i know our team are looking forward to getting our hands on the new browser.

The new rendering engine is something we have been asking for and microsoft has delivered.

It will also be great to see out websites in browser windows that really show of the website. Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 really allows our websites to be shown in a full screen environment and I’m sure it will make our customers sites look fantastic.

For those wanting to access the browser early or do more research check out the site and use the virtualisation platform to have a play with it.

Update: This site is no longer live.

Alternatively you can upgrade your PC to windows 10 early but unless it is a spare PC we would not recommend this.

Once the full version is released on the 29th of July I’m sure we will hear and experience it for ourselves.