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Read Out Loud Test

Performing a Readout Loud Test

When it comes to proofreading, it is recommended that you read out loud what you’ve written. Reading your writing aloud encourages you to read every word you write, allowing you to see the content’s flow of ideas, grammatical errors, punctuation, and word choices at the surface level.

Things to look out for when reading out loud?

  • Does the content make sense?
  • Does the content flow logically?
  • Do the content ideas support the subject matter (topic)?
  • Do the paragraph’s ideas flow logically? Do they sound unified?
  • Any grammatical errors that need correcting?
  • Any punctuation errors that need rectifying?
  • Any word choices that need to be rectified?

How do you read out loud effectively?

  • Find a place or a time that is moderately quiet to hear yourself speak easily.
  • Increase the font to a comfortably readable size if reading from your monitor or laptop.
  • If reading on paper, print font at least 14 pts or above.
  • Begin by slowly reading your content aloud, marking or highlighting any errors that you come across.
  • Read through a second time in case you missed something.
  • Ask a workmate or colleague to read the content aloud to you or vice versa.