How To Restore A Backup

Restoring a backup is as easy as the ‘Create the Backup’ process. To restore the backup you need to have a backup point that you are going to restore. Follow the steps described below to restore a backup;

1. Go to the WP Engine User Portal

Log into your WP Engine Portal. Select the site environment you would like to perform a restoration.

2. Backup points screen

Go to the Backups points screen.

Look through the listed backup points and select the backup point you would like to restore

3. Restore Backup points

Click the Restore button as shown before. A pop-up form will appear for you to fill in and guide the restoration process

4. Fill in the restoration form

Fill in the form fields of the restoration point. The form captures the following details;

  • Selected backup point to restore.
  • Select the environment you would like to restore the backup point. The default choice is that current environment the backup point exists. You can choose to restore a backup to any of the 3 environments.
  • Select whether to restore with Database files or not
  • Add an email to send a notification when the restoration process is done


If you are restoring a backup point to another environment within or outside that site group. Be very careful when selecting the destination environment.

  • Confirm the details before you proceed

5. Restore Backup

Click the Restore backup button to start the restoration process.

When the restoration point is made, you will receive an email notification.


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