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Your website could run into a problem that could be out of the scope of troubleshooting. This is where WP Engine support comes in. They have an incredible 24/7 support team ready to assist you in case of anything.

They also have a great pool of resources. You can look into it and see if the materials shared here can help you solve your problem.

To contact the support team, follow the steps below;

1. Click the chat button

Reach out to the bottom right-hand corner of the page and click the chat icon. When does the chat window open.

WP Engine Support button and PIN
How to access WP Engine support

2. Submit the problem

When the chat window opens, WP Engine’s Virtual Assistant will ask you to submit the query or challenge you are facing.

The system will use keywords in the submitted query to provide resources related to the problem. You could check these out and see if they will guide you to a solution.

If you would like to interact with a support team personnel, proceed to step 3

3. Prompt for Support Personnel.

Type the word “support” in the chat after the automated reply.

4. Fill in the Support PIN

Get the support PIN from the bottom left and submit it in the chat.

WP Engine Support button and PIN
How to access WP Engine support

5. Wait in que for Spport Team personel

You will be given an estimated time when a support team member will be available to interact with you.


After interacting with the support team, create some notes in the project task or website record in CRM about the interaction. That is the problem or query you made and the possible solution shared by WP Engine. You can ask the support personnel to send you a transcript of your engagement to your email at the end of the chat.