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Fix Grammar Errors with Grammarly

Correct Grammar Errors

When it comes to correcting grammar, we use Grammarly. It is an excellent tool for checking your content for grammar mistakes. It will help in fine-tuning and making your writing more accurate and precise.

Grammarly offers users a free account. For extra features, you can upgrade to their premium packages.

How to use Grammarly

1. Navigate to the Grammarly website. Copy and paste your content into Grammarly’s text editor.

2. Grammarly will underline all errors and sentences that need changing. You can also look at the “All suggestions” panel on the right for more suggestions.

The app will also grade our article according to its rules. If some sentences lack commas and full stops, Grammarly will highlight them for you.

Grammarly alerts and suggestions
Grammarly alerts and suggestions

3. By following the suggestions highlighted, you can quickly clear all the errors in your content. The highlight table on the right and the overall score keeps refreshing and improving as the corrections are made.

The higher the score, the easier it is for readers to understand what you have written.

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