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Setup Table of Contents

Steps to add a table of contents

1. To add a “Table of Contents”, ensure that each article section has a heading tag (H title tag). It helps organise your article to make it readable and easy to navigate.

In the WordPress block editor, find a section where you want to add the “Table of contents”. We recommend adding it after the introductory paragraph of the article.

Creating Yoast Table of Contents
Creating Yoast Table of Contents

Click on the blue +icon to open blocks. In the search field, type “Table of Contents” and select the Yoast table of contents by clicking on it. The table of contents will be created automatically.

Yoast Table of Contents
Yoast Table of Contents

The table of contents follows the hierarchy of the H tags and indents headers based on their level. When you edit or amend the headings, the table is also updated automatically.

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