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Add faceted search and filtering to your shop archives, recipe pages, listings and more.
Pricing Model: $99 per year
The cost of this license is included in our care plans.

FacetWP plugin allows you to create custom filters to sort any content on your WordPress site: blog posts, WooCommerce items, custom content types, etc.

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What are Facets? A facet is a UI element that filters content listings, drilling down on the content. Only relevant choices show up since facets are aware of the content.

FacetWP offers many different facet types, such as checkboxes, dropdowns, etc.

Facets use your site’s existing post types, custom fields, and taxonomies. FacetWP automatically works on your existing archive pages, too.

Top Features of FacetWP

Now, let’s explore some of the top features that make FacetWP a must-have for your WordPress website:

  • Easy Setup: FacetWP boasts an intuitive user interface that simplifies the setup process. You can create and customize faceted search interfaces without the need for complex coding.
  • Real-time Filtering: The plugin offers real-time filtering and ensures that search results update instantly as users apply filters. This provides an interactive and dynamic search experience.
  • Advanced Filtering Options: You can create complex filtering options, including checkboxes, dropdowns, sliders, and date ranges. These allow you to cater to specific content and user needs.
  • SEO-Friendly: It generates SEO-friendly URLs for your faceted search results pages, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your content.
  • Ajax Loading: The plugin uses Ajax to load search results, reducing page load times and creating a smoother user experience.
  • Developer-Friendly: FacetWP offers extensibility through hooks and filters for those with coding skills. It enables you to do further customization and integration with your site’s unique functionalities.

FacetWP is a game-changing WordPress plugin that can revolutionize your website’s search functionality. With features like real-time filtering, advanced customization, and seamless integration, it provides a superior search experience for site visitors.

MRK WP can help you harness the full potential of FacetWP and elevate your WordPress site to new heights. We offer WordPress Care Plans, including FacetWP support, plugin setup, and subscription. Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FacetWP?

FacetWP is a WordPress plugin that enhances your website’s search functionality by allowing you to create faceted search interfaces, making it easier for users to filter and refine search results.

What is the use of FacetWP?

FacetWP improves the user experience by offering real-time filtering, lightning-fast search results, and precise and relevant content discovery. It’s especially valuable for websites with extensive content or e-commerce platforms.

What is the difference between facets and filters in WordPress?

Facets are predefined structured categories or attributes allowing users to narrow their search or browse content based on specific criteria, often used in faceted search interfaces.

On another hand, filters are user-defined criteria or mechanisms, such as checkboxes or search fields, used to refine search results or content based on individual preferences, which can be applied to various data types beyond structured facets.

What types of filters can I create with FacetWP?

FacetWP offers various filter options, including checkboxes, dropdowns, sliders, date ranges, and more, allowing you to customise filters based on your content and user needs.