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Why MRK WP and Why Build Our Own Add-ons for Divi?

The Background Story

Over the years we have worked on many different platforms. Including Laravel, Joomla, Angular and Business Catalyst to name a few. When we came across WordPress we really liked it but the problem was it was taking us a long time to theme up. 

When we came across Divi and our whole team fell in love. We found that we could build websites in one third the time with double the quality of what we were getting before. The design tools made it really easy for us to build great websites for our clients at budgets that were very appealing to them. 

We did find some limitations with Divi, which is why we started building our own add-ons and extensions. Doing this has allowed us to do all things we want to do with Divi. We thought it would be a great idea to make the tools we had developed available to the whole Divi and WordPress community. 

So we decided to package up our plugins and modules and make them available to the community through the MRK WP website (previously Divi Framework – learn more about the name change here.) 

The Move to Freemius

Freemius is the new standard in selling premium and freemium WordPress plugins and themes. There are a few reasons why we made the switch from WooCommerce over to Freemius. Namely a more seamless express for both you and us, with easier managerment. Below are just are few of the Freemius features that won us over:

  • Prices in USD
  • EU VAT
  • Free Trials
  • Software Licensing
  • Selling Bundles & Memberships
  • Recurring Payments & Subscriptions
  • GDPR Compliance

Of course there are loads more features including secure checkout, Stripe & PayPal gateways etc. If you want to learn more about Freemius, and to see a direct comparison with WooCommerce, head over to the Freemius website.

Ultimately, for you the user, it means you can now easily manage all your MRK WP payments and subscriptions through one online account with Freemius. And that’s good for everyone!