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Expert Tech SEO Analysis: Semrush VS Screaming Frog

In this video I review some of the technical fixes for my site after switching from SEMRush to Screaming Frog Crawler for technical Audits.

I was really surprised to see how many errors Screaming Frog finds that Semrush misses. This is not 100% comprehensive but its just shows how important it is to double check your auditing tools.

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Here is a quick summary of items cover in this video

  1. Alt Text and Empty Alt Attributes: We compare and contrast the analysis of alt text by Semrush and Screaming Frog, highlighting key differences. Furthermore, we clarify the distinctions between empty alt text and missing alt attributes.
  2. Image Names and File Paths: The significance of properly naming your images cannot be overstated. We provide guidance on how to rename your image files for optimal SEO results.
  3. Image Usage Checks: Screaming Frog offers a valuable image usage count feature. This assists in identifying every page on your website where your image has been utilized.
  4. Repetitive Paths: It’s crucial to update any repetitive paths in a URL. In this segment, we demonstrate how to modify a URL and add a redirect to the new URL.
  5. Internal Redirects: An internal redirect occurs when a link on your website leads to another URL on your site. For the best outcomes, these need to be addressed and corrected.
  6. Long Page Titles: By default, Yoast incorporates branding and other content into your page titles. We provide a tip on how to adjust these details in line with the latest Google updates.
  7. Readability and Low Content Count: Pages with insufficient information must be enhanced and rectified for successful SEO results. We demonstrate how Screaming Frog conducts readability analysis in this segment.

We trust that you will find these insights beneficial.

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