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Fix errors in the Widget Screen of WordPress

Do you have errors in your Widgets screen for WordPress using the Gutenberg Block editor? Errors like:

The “nav_menu” block was affected by errors and may not function properly. Check the developer tools for more details.

In this video tutorial we will show you how to fix this issue.

We will be using the classic widgets plugin to hide these errors.

Written Tutorial

Step 1 – Go to your WordPress admin screen

Step 2 – Go to plugins and click “Add New”

Add new plugin WP Admin

Step 3 – Go to the search plugins field

Search for Classic widgets plugin

Step 4 – Type “Classic widgets” and press enter.

Step 5 – In the search results install the Classic Widgets Plugin

Install Classic Widgets plugin

Step 6 – After the item is installed activate the plugin.

Activate Classic Widgets on WP website.

Now your screen is back to the old version of Widget Screen for WordPress and the error will no longer be shown.

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