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Gravity Forms Tutorials 5 Part Series

In this introduction video, we cover the 5 gravity forms tutorials we get asked about all the time for Gravity Forms.

We will cover 5 different commonly asked questions on gravity forms and will give both a written and video screencast with the forms able to be downloaded so you can easily add them to your site.

Part 1. The Running Total

If you want to do a running total on your form wizard using Gravity Forms – this one is for you. It will be the first one in the series. We will ensure a written and video Gravity Forms tutorial is provided with the form download also being available.

Part 2. Form Parameters

If you want pre-filled forms then use a link with HTML parameters to fill out the form. This technique is really powerful when used with a CRM or Email Marketing Tool. We use it with Mailchimp and other templates will some really cool results.

Part 3. Zapier and Gravity Forms

Connecting to Zapier can make some pretty powerful workflows for your business. In this tutorial, we will cover how you do this and the types of actions you can complete with a Zapier connection.

Part 4. Conditional Behaviours

This is a great way to re-route emails or messages depending on what was filled out in your form. It is a great tool to make your form relevant and keep them compact so it’s one you won’t want to miss.

Part 5. Send Events to Google Analytics

Tracking in Google Analytics is really the best way to track any action that occurs on your website. You can track what happens with your gravity forms as well using this technique.

We will be doing one of these videos each day this week so keep an eye on the blog, subscribe to the youtube channel or like us on Facebook to make sure you get the latest information.

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