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Document your Findings – Competitor research

As our practice is, we need to record all the data collected from our competitor research.

1. Document your findings from the Google search and organic research. We did a Google search of our keyword to find the top domains ranking for it. You can note down these domain names for later reference.

Semrush organic research was done on one of the top domains. This was to find out more insights and data. Export the selected keywords and findings into your Google drive folder.

These files contain data about top Organic Keywords, the number of backlinks, Search traffic per Competitor, and our competitors’ referral domains.

Documenting Competitor research findings in Google
Documenting Competitor research findings in Google Folder

2. Finally, go to your blog checklist template and mark the “Competitor research” step as complete.

Marking Competitor research complete
Marking Competitor research complete
Lesson Summary

In this lesson, we have identified the top competition ranking for our primary keyword. We have also gathered more insights into what these domains are doing to rank high on Google. This includes high-ranking keywords and backlinks.

Research Phase Quiz

This concludes the research phase of the course. Below is a set of quizzes for each lesson covered.