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Publishing your Post

Schedule a Post for Publishing

Your post is ready for publishing. Let’s look at how to do this. It is also possible to schedule your post for publishing later in WordPress.

1. In your WordPress post, scroll to the menu on the right side of the edit screen. Click on “Post.”

2. Under the “Status and visibility panel”, you will find the “Publish” tab. Click on “Immediately” to open the calendar window.

Publishing a post in WordPress
Publishing a post in WordPress

3. Here, you can choose today’s date if you wish to publish your post immediately, which is the highlighted default date. When you click “Publish”, then your post will go live.

You can also select a future date and time to schedule your post. When you choose to schedule at a future date and time, the “Publish” button will change to “Schedule.”

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Publishing a post on WordPress.