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Want to know how many people use your website forms? Curious how well they’re converting visitors into leads?

Tracking your forms is essential! It provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing you to optimize your forms and boost their effectiveness.

This guide will show you how to enable tracking in Kadence Forms. Tracking allows you to collect data for making informed decisions about your website.

Video: How to Enable Analytics Kadence Forms Analytics

Watch our video tutorial on how to turn on Analytics in Kadence Forms.

What You’ll Need

Before we proceed, here are some of the prerequisites for this tutorial.

Why Built-in Kadence Analytics?

You can use other analytics tools, but here are reasons to use Kadence’s built-in analytics instead.

  • Simplified Setup: Enabling analytics is a breeze. They are easy to set up and interpret Kadence Form analytics.
  • Performance Advantage: Kadence analytics tracking rely on your site’s code. We have no need for external scripts like Google Analytics. External analytics usually slow down your website by loading large javascript libraries.
  • Improved privacy: Analytics data stays on your website, avoiding privacy concerns with external tools that could pose issues.

Kadence Blocks built-in forms analytics offer a compelling option. If you are using Kadence Pro, turn on these stats and get the benefits.

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How to Enable Analytics in Kadence Forms: Step-by-step Process

To enable form analytics, follow the steps below;

1: Select a Form

Inside your WordPress dashboard, go to KadenceForms.

The steps on how to access Kadence forms
The steps on how to access Kadence forms

You will see a table displaying forms on your website. In this view, you will notice forms with analytics enabled and those without.

Select a form that has not enabled its analytics yet.

A table showing tracking disabled on a form
A table showing tracking disabled on a form

2: Enable Kadence Forms Analytics

After selecting the form you want to work with, inside the editor,

  1. Go to the document overview and select the forms block(Form Adv).
  2. Go to the form settings
  3. Switch to the advanced tab
  4. Scroll to the Analytics sections and toggle the option to enable analytics.
Steps on how to enable Analytics in Kadence Forms
Steps on how to enable Analytics in Kadence Forms

3: Testing the Tracking

Once you’ve enabled analytics, test the tracking to make sure everything is working as intended.

  • Submit a test entry through your form.
  • Go to the analytics tab.
  • Look at the analytics graph.
  • Check the form submission stats to verify.
Graph showing Kadence Form Analytics
Graph showing Kadence Form Analytics


Enabling analytics on your forms is a straightforward process with Kadence Pro. You should use it on every form. The data will provide valuable insights into user behaviour and form performance.