WP Engine Sites Page

When you have logged into your WP Engine, you will land on the sites page.

You can also access this page by clicking on the “Sites” menu item on the left sidebar.

The Sites menu item
Sites on the left-sidebar

The Sites page displays all sites hosted under your plan.

WP Engine groups sites with their respective environments. That is, production, staging and development.

To access a site, you can scroll through the list of site environments on the Sites page.

Sites grouped in their environments
A site and its environments

You can also use the “Search sites” to look up any site hosted under your plan.

Search for sites in WP Engine User portal
Site Search WP Engine

Single Site Page

When you click one of the site environments listed, this will direct you to that Site’s Environment Overview page.

The overview page could be for any of the site’s environments. For example, that is production, staging or development.

This page provides a summary of information about that given environment.

Single site overview
Single site overview

Each of the three environments has its single site page. The single-site page also provides links to other WP Engine tools and services. These include backup points, access and error logs, and utilities.

Other services and features accessible on single site sidebar
Single site page sidebar


Here are some of the links to extra resources and documentation on the WP Engine User Portal.