Clone Production to Another Environment

Copy the Production to Another environment

As you recall, at the start of this lesson, it is not advisable to roll out updates on the production environment immediately. That is before testing these elsewhere, on either staging or development.

This leads us to our next step. We have to now copy the current version of the site on the production environment to either the staging. We could also use the development environment if staging has some other work.

If your site has all three environments, clone production to the staging environment to do the updates and testing. You could also clone to development in a case where the staging has “Work In Progress”.

If your site has two environments. That is Production and Staging or Production and Development. Use the secondary environment for updates and testing before rolling them to production.

To clone the live production to another environment, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Production environment page of the site
  • At the top right-hand corner, click the ‘Copy Environment‘ button
WP Engine cloning to another environment
Go to Copy Environment
  • Fill in the Copy Environment form fields. These are
    • Select the source and destination environments
Source and destination environment selection
Select destination environment
  • What to include in the copy process. This could be;
    • All database tables and file system – Default Choice
      • Specific database tables and file system
      • Only the file system
Clone environment files selection
Select files to copy to another environment
  • Email address to send a notification when the copying process is done.
email to send notification after clone process
Add an email on which you will receive a notification
  • Click Review and confirm.
Copy review and confirm button
Click “Review and Confirm”
  • Review and confirm the details on the next page.
final copy environment button
Click the button to clone the production
  • Click the Confirm button to have the process started.
  • When the copy process is done, you will receive an email notification.


Here are some links to extra resources and documentation on how to clone environments in WP Engine.