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Track download performance and convert your traffic into sales with an easy-to-use digital downloads solution.
Pricing Model: $159 per year.

The Download Monitor plugin is an easy way to manage your digital downloads. The plugin can manage and upload files for download (including support for multiple versions), insert download links into posts, track downloads, and sell downloads!

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Download Monitor website

Features of the Download Monitor

  • Download Statistics: Access detailed statistics on downloads, including file popularity, download history, and user information. This data helps you understand user behaviour and preferences.
  • User-Level Tracking: Observe individual user download activity, enabling you to tailor content recommendations and marketing strategies for specific users.
  • Secure File Hosting: The plugin provides secure hosting for your files, ensuring they are not directly accessible through the URL, safeguarding your digital assets.
  • Media Library Compatibility: Easily manage and track downloads for media files in your WordPress media library, including images, videos, and audio files.
  • Exportable Reports: Generate exportable reports in various formats (e.g., CSV), making sharing and analysing download data convenient.
  • Support for Download Categories: Organize your downloads into categories and subcategories for a well-structured and easily navigable download library.

The Download Monitor plugin allows you to:

  • Sell Digital Products
  • Manage Your Documents
  • Track File Downloads
  • Generate Email Leads
  • Protect Your Digital Files
  • Build Your Audience

Through our MRK WP WordPress Care Plan services, we can help you get the most out of the Download Monitor plugin with their comprehensive support services. Our team can assist you with:

  • Plugin installation and configuration: We will set up and configure the plugin to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal performance.
  • Customization and styling: Our team can customize the download buttons, counters, and styling to match your website’s design and branding.
  • Data analysis and insights: MRK WP can help you interpret the download data provided by the plugin to gain valuable insights for content optimization and marketing strategies.
  • Secure file management: If you offer premium downloads, we will ensure that file delivery is secure and accessible only to authorized users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Download Monitor plugin?

The Download Monitor plugin is a WordPress tool that allows website owners to manage and track file downloads. It provides features for tracking and analyzing download activity.

How does the Download Monitor plugin track downloads?

It tracks downloads by monitoring user interactions with download links or buttons on your website. It records data on the file being downloaded, user information, and download history.

Is the Download Monitor plugin suitable for e-commerce websites?

The plugin is suitable for e-commerce websites as it can help manage and track downloads related to digital products, e-books, software, and more.