Tools used in our Tutorials

Local for WP

WP Local

Local enables you to set up a local WordPress development environment. With this tool, you can connect your website hosted via WP Engine to your local development environment.

Local enables you to pull down your site from the server to your local environment and vice versa. You can also push files from your local environment to the WP Engine server.

You can download Local from their website.

GITHUB - We use this to share our code with you.


We will be using Github for version control and sharing all our code from these tutorials. You can find MRKWP on Github via this link:

VSCode is our editor of choice.

VS Code – Code Editor

You will need a code editor to write and edit your code. In this tutorial, we will be using the VS Code. You can download it via this link:

You can use any other code editor you are more comfortable/familiar with.